If you find this service useful, please cite the following papers:

  1. Chilingarian, I., Melchior, A.-L., Zolotukhin, I. 2010: Analytical approximations of K-corrections in optical and near-infrared bands, MNRAS, v. 405, p. 1409 (also arXiv:1002.2360)
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  2. Chilingarian, I., Zolotukhin, I. 2012: A universal ultraviolet-optical colour-colour-magnitude relation of galaxies, MNRAS, v. 419, p. 1727 (also arXiv:1102.1159)
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and include the following sentence in the acknowledgments: This research made use of the ``K-corrections calculator'' service available at http://kcor.sai.msu.ru/


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